Avikele has developed loose networks with strategic cross border partners who have give us an edge over our competitors. So far, we are now able to access financial centers, or otherwise tax havens, where we are able to properly address our clients financial and tax needs. This means that we are able to provide offshore financial services. Through our network, we have access to Mauritius, Seychelles
We have now expanded our services to include:

For Individuals:

Advisory Services

Advice to high net worth individuals, private investors and family offices on the use of Mauritius and its tax treaties. This means being able to exploit the existing double ax treaty Kenya has with Mauritius to invest without the hassle of worrying too much over corporate tax. Through this and the use of other financial centers we are able to properly advice our clients on funding their operations through various mechanisms of tax planning.
The use of these centers gives you the privacy you need to plan your estate.

Trust and Fiduciary Services

  • Provision of trustee services, and administration of trusts from offshore financial centers.
  • Nominee facilities for private investments including custodian and escrow services.
  • Acting as successor trustee or co-trustee of trusts based in other jurisdictions.
  • Establishment of managed trust companies.
  • Provision of services for the set up and administration of foundations.
  • Acting as a member of foundation council.
  • Provision of secretarial services, registered office, accounting, administration and tax declaration services to foundations.

Administration Services

  • General administration services including opening and operation of bank accounts, payment of expenses, among-st others.
  • Accounting and tax services including maintenance of accounting records, tax computation and declaration to the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

Services to applicants for residency

  • Administration services for acquisition of real estate property in Mauritius under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES), Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS) and Property Development Scheme (PDS). Assistance for submission of applications for permanent residence in Mauritius.
  • Handling Occupation/ Work Permit applications for expatriate staff and investors.
  • Tax computation and declaration for foreign investors and expatriates.


Advisory Services

Advice to corporate, investment and fund managers, high net worth individuals and family offices on the use of Mauritius and its tax treaties.

Company Formation Services

  • Formation of Global Business companies, Hybrid companies (Companies that are unique to tax bodies and attract minimal tax implication), protected cell companies, Domestic companies, Domestic companies with freeport licence, Seychelles international Business Company, and company special license.
  • Establishment of trusts, foundations, funds and special Purpose vehicles in Mauritius, Seychelles and other jurisdictions

Corporate Services

  • Corporate secretarial services as required by law including provision of registered office, resident agent, company secretary, resident directors, nominee shareholders, maintenance of statutory records, filing of statutory returns and renewal of permits and licenses.
  • General administration services including opening and operation of bank accounts, trade finance and letters of credit, invoicing, income collection and royalty administration.
  • Accounting and tax services including maintenance of accounting records, preparation of financial statements in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards and tax computation and declaration to the Mauritius revenue authority.

Fund Administration Services

  • Advisory services including structuring of investment funds, preparation of application to fsc for the formation and licensing of collective investment schemes, hedge funds, private equity funds and property funds.
  • Provision of statutory corporate services to funds including the provision of local directors and maintenance of share register.
  • Transaction processing and administration including net asset value calculation, accounting and annual reports.

Outsourcing and Back Office Services

  • Provision of assistance for relocation of operations to Mauritius.
  • Trust, company book-keeping, accounts preparation and administration.
  • Payroll processing and tax returns.


Through our partners we can now transact in the following countries/regions:

  • East Africa
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • South Africa