Trade & Investment

Operating in today’s global marketplace means addressing a full range of international trade and investment matters. Navigating multilateral and regional trade agreements. Addressing export and import control restrictions. Litigating trade remedies cases. Managing customs and border security issues. And complying with anti-corruption laws.
Because the international legal landscape is so complex, organizations often confront a wide range of trade compliance and litigation issues across various jurisdictions.
That’s where we come in. With our ever growing presence in various jurisdictions, we are one of the firms that can handle large, varied, and complex trade matters in every major world market. Our global network of lawyers helps you understand the benefits and risks of prospective trade-related actions so you can make better decisions and capitalize on more opportunities. When disputes do arise, we partner with you to protect your interests and to achieve the best results.
We also facilitate export and import through drafting of contracts that ensure a cross boarder transfer of property or services. We navigate local and international laws to ensure that our clients enjoy international trade, whether through FDI or sale.